Residents Counsel

We invite Westwego Housing Authority residents to participate in the Resident’s Counsel. By taking part in organization, activities and feedback, you will help make Westwego Housing an exciting rewarding community.

All adult residents of Westwego Housing Authority are automatically members of the Resident’s Council. There are no dues. The Council meets regularly and sponsors a number of activities and programs for residents. Community celebrations help build a sense of neighborhood and include events such as block parties, pot luck dinners, holiday parties and Easter egg hunts.

Westwego Housing Authority supports the Resident’s Council and provides limited funding, meeting space and staff assistance as needed. The Resident’s Council is encouraged to occasionally supplement their income in creative ways such as fundraising events.

The Resident’s Council is also involved with the planning of complex improvements and many of their suggestions are incorporated into the Westwego Housing Agency Plan. Regular meetings serve as a method to learn first-hand what is going on in the community and provide residents with an opportunity to meet with staff.